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Basteri begins its history with a search for the perfection that must exist in the good dress of women and men. Our creations, designs and clothing mix modern elements of quality, perfection, sophistication and elegance, to achieve the consolidation that makes us one of the most exclusive brands in Latin America, the United States and Europe.

The essence of Basteri is the legend that creates its own magic full of feelings. Each of their designs is distinctive with a thin line embroidered in red at the top of the left side, which means life and the beating of the heart. An innovative and personal idea in which we speak of the universal language that generates love for a person, and in this case the passion for fashion is combined.  It only takes sensitivity to understand and encourage him .  


“Our vision is to be at the forefront of new trends in fashion and the best materials to consolidate it. Always made with love, a great positive attitude and good energy so that whoever dresses us does so with pride and shows off their impeccable identity” 

Alexander Basteri.

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