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"More than a pair of shoes, it is your vision coming to life through a skin that will evolve alongside you over time."

Adriana Soto

The Basteri by Adriana Soto shoes is a unique piece. Its hallmark as a brand, from the raw material to the workforce, is to manufacture shoes by hand with the highest quality, proud to be a 100% Mexican brand. The customer is at the heart of what we create.


Basteri and Adriana Soto decided to make a collaboration of their brands thanks to their passion and   experience in their style and to explore options to define a unique pair of shoes. The result is the particular combination of technical skill, craftsmanship rigor and creative spirit. A masterpiece in which every detail represents a fragment of his personality. Especially the red stripe on his left shoe, which represents the line of the heart.

Adriana Soto, with a master's degree in "The Art of Traditional Shoemaking", has a unique experience in the field of design and fashion, culminating her brand since 2012, which has allowed her to refine her various interests and multiple learnings, until she consolidated the establishment of a workshop and showroom in Polanco, one of the most exclusive areas of Mexico City.


Process of


The ideal way to obtain one of these exclusive pieces is to have a personalized appointment where the client's measurements are meticulously taken to achieve the perfect fit. If it is not possible to keep the appointment, it is recommended to take personalized measures. Subsequently, the artisanal production begins where the cutting, preparation, assembly, sole and finally the last finishes of the shoe are made to conclude the final delivery.


The entire process takes approximately four to five weeks.


The leather used to make our shoes is 100% Mexican. We work with different suppliers to achieve the best finishes. Within our selection of materials we work with calf, mestizos, among others. All skins come from certified farms in Mexico.

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